Hello Handsome


" You can't have sensuality without emotion"


It is my pleasure to always do my utmost to ensure the time we spend together is as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible for you. There is nothing I love more than spotting a wonderful gentleman indulging himself in my company.

My goal is to have an exploration of our time that will undeniably leave you questioning your desires.

My wish is to take this companionship beyond the traditional premises, showing that I am a woman who yearns for touch and attention, travels, and intuitive, meaningful conversations.

My petite waist, toned body, thin frame, and natural hair are not an illusion nor a mirage. My soft curls are yours to play with.

Former published model and currently inspiring coffee connoisseur, I have lived on three continents, traveled to over 7 different countries, and received my BA in the heart of the Motherland (Africa). I am bilingual and currently learning a third language. Traveling to many places has enriched me in many cultures, religions, and languages.

My bubbly and upbeat personality will keep you entertained and intrigued. Many have stated I am addictive. You have been warned.



Dress Size: 00-0  / XS-S

Shoe Size: 9-9.5


Body Type: Slim/Toned

Tattoos: 2 Small ones hidden

Language: Arabic

Personality: Feminine/extrovert

A song that would describe Esha:: “Get Off” by Foxy 


Favorite DrinkTurkish Coffee 


Eshas favorite blessing & curse: Long Layovers 


Love Language: Gifts & Act of service  


Favorite Cusine: Middle Eastern & Meditarrian  


Hobbies: Collecting vinyls and vintage magazines, Film Photography, Shopping, Charcuterie Boards, Traveling, Organizing, Graphic Design.

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" I have seen Esha a couple of times. She is a natural at setting a very enjoyable tone and seems to have a good time. She has a great look and has a wonderfully toned body."-TER


Charlotte Escorts |Travel Companion |Dinner Companion | EshaJames

Travel Companion | Elite Escort | High-End Companion

Few women do it and even fewer will admit to it. However, I am daring and intimate. I tend to pull the sheets back for an erotic experience that's usually perceived as forbidden." - Esha James

 Frequently Asked


 I don't have any recent independent provider references. Can I still book a date with you? 

Yes, you can! I do have alternatives for screening. 

How do you dress for a dinner date/ outing? 

Conservative yet chic. I do dress accordingly due to the occasion. I have gotten many compliments on my style while showing off my tiny figure in a tasteful way. To get an idea have a look at my portfolio, Instagram, or Twitter


Is there any possibility to date outside our companionship? 

I do not engage in any relationship outside our companionship. If you would like to set up an exclusive/regular arrangement rather than spending time together by the hour, please let me know. 


Do you have an assistant? 

Yes, I certainly do! It's a great way to set up a date with me and receive a response promptly. She's phenomenal, and she will contact you during the screening stage. Once that's done, you will receive a follow up from me :)


Do you engage in any alcohol or drugs?

Absolutely not! I am drug-free, and I also stopped drinking recently.





1HR | 600 | 700

1.5HR | 800 | 900

2HR | 1000 | 1100

3HR | 1400 | 1500

4HR | 1900 | 2000

6HRS| 2500


12HRS| 4000

24HRS | 6000



1HR | 900

2HR | 2000

3HR | 2500

4HR | 3000

6HRS| 4000

Fly you to me


non-negoatiobale 25% deposit via Cashapp/Venmo or Gift card. 

East Coast- 3HR or more

West Coast-  4hr or more

Midwest- 3HR or more

*Flight & Accommodations not included

50% deposit required