"When her kitten is as gorgeous as her face."- 2AM hotel room in NYC

"Curls that feels like silk and smell like heaven."- A lover for overnights

"Her dirty mouth is just as captivating as her smart one ."- Conversations with a high caliber man over drinks.

A high energy, playful, bourbon - drinking extrovert that tends to be made up of banters, sarcasm, and long intimate conversations thats only for the strong hearted.


I'm a 5'7 petite woman in her late 20's with long curls that you can play with for days. My Ethiopian and Arab ethnicity is the reason for my foreign features. I'm well travelled and have been to six different countries, enriching me with the knowledge and spoils of a good number of languages, cultures, and people.  


Having me with you is equal to visiting your favorite cuisine and having the special menu dished for your gratification; my arousing presence is yours to devour.


 I'm liberal and I can be the best date a man could desire for a rich outing. Having Long voluminous curls and a perfectly shaped body, I turn heads in any dress - especially short ones - and can also wear any seductive gown in a private suite that brings excitement, thrill and satisfaction to our time. 

Height--- 5'7 

Tattoos--- No -  in some photos you will see a temporary one on my hand 

Hobbies--- Film photography