H. King

A reincarnation of Cleopatra.

A beginning to many great things.

A hopeful ending of a Shakespeare


An ancient Fantasy. 

My name is Hidi. A woman with East African ethnicity that is rich and exotic. I'm a  theatrical, charismatic woman that holds herself to the highest level of poise and class. Studying culture and art, and film photography are a few of many things I love to do.

Having me with you is equal to visiting your favorite cuisine and having the special menu dished for your gratification; my arousing presence is yours to devour .  Being 5'8 with a petite body I turn heads in any dress- whether we are out in public or in our own private suite there will always be a mist of mystery and sinful innocence in the air. 

I tend to be made up of banters, sarcasm, and long intimate conversations thats only for the strong hearted. Many said that I'm their own personal comfort, a person that they can let go to. . . such a beautiful compliment, yes?  I believe it comes from people I have met through my worldly travels. 

My mantra?

" You learn more about yourself through the conversations you have with others "


Your Departure and Arrival

I'm a woman made up with late night conversation, dominate touches, black coffee, film photos, early morning sun rays, third word countries, warm red wine, and submissive words. I want my clients to get a little bit of me without the full bite. A taste, a mirage filled with effortless thoughts of what "we" could, should, or would be. you have left and now we both have arrived, This space is "ours".

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